This week we start off with Ozzy and Elyse cuddling in a hammock.  Ozzy tells Elyse how he grew up on Survivalism, like it is some kind of religion.  I don’t exactly know what he means but apparently he read Robinson Crusoe and is therefore some type of surviving expert.

They next interview Brandon who is now listed as “Russell Hantz Nephew” on-screen, completely removing any individuality he may have once had as an actual human being.  Brandon then goes on another apology spree, first to my ravishing girlfriend Mikayla who accepts it pretty well.  He then somehow “apologizes” to the perpetually confused Edna, while in the same breath telling her she is not in the alliance of 6 that she thinks she is in.  Edna has the look on her face like the apes at the beginning of 2001 A Space Odyssey when they discover fire, confused but knows she should be thinking about something.  “Oh, this is important.”

The producers import matching swimming gear for each of the tribes and Dawn tells us she is not comfortable swimming in a bikini?    Apparently she was not informed of this before the show.   It may have been time for a new suit for Stacey who seems to have had a bit of an accident.

Over on Redemption Beach, last weeks sacrifice, Papa Bear and returning champion Dirty Neck compete in what is essentially a game of cornhole.  They toss bean bags onto barrels, the first to 10 wins.  In the end, Dirty Neck pulls out a 10-9 victory over Papa Bear the gay NYPD Detective.

The redemption duel may have been a little slow but the immunity challenge more than makes up for it.  In what has become one of my all-time favorite recurring challenges on the show, 3 contestants try to hold as much weight as possible on a pole across their shoulders.  The last person standing wins tribal immunity.  Each team makes the obvious choice and picks the 2 strongest men and the oldest woman on their team for the feats of strength???

The 4 men are out first with Brandon keeping his pole up the longest. (pun intended)  The final two are both the women, Stacey for the blue team and Dawn for the red.  Stacey somehow contorts her body to rest the pol on her enormous booty and little Dawn just hangs on for dear life.  At 140 pounds Stacey drops and Dawn wins immunity for her tribe.

Back at camp, it is obvious that the two on the chopping block for tonight’s vote are Stacey and Edna.  When Stacey is interviewed her nonsense continues.  She eloquently points out that “Edna is on an Easter Egg hunt right now and she is scrambling like scrambled eggs in a hot skillet right now”  She follows up with  “I gotta lie to kick it, and what that means is I gotta lie to try to get in to fit in. You lie to kick it, with the next man.”  Ok, seriously… what does that mean?   I don’t know but I love it. 

Tribal council is once again predictable and a total yawn, quickly becoming the slowest part of the show.  We are however treated to more tears from Brandon because he doesn’t want to disappoint God or the Hantz family.  I can’t speak for God but I for one am not at all disappointed in watching this kids inner turmoil unfold on national television. 

Stacey is unanimously voted out and sent to Redemption Beach to battle with Dirty Neck in next weeks duel.

Hopefully next week Cochran begins to get a tan and we get much more Mikayla time than this week.