The cast for the new season of Survivor: One World was announced yesterday.

It looks as though my early stalking victim will be Chelsea, based strictly on how she looks chillin’ in a bikini and cowboy boots on the beach.  But… If Chelsea gets the axe early on, I could probably fall in love with Kim real quick.

The tribes are split into men versus women and the twist this season is that everyone will be on the same beach.  I would guess they are keeping everyone together so that the women can do all the cooking and cleaning and the men can do the actual work.

There is a little person named Lief that has a barbed wire tattoo and whose claim to fame is that he met Billy Barty.

Dante Culpepper’s wife, Monica, is on the show and should hopefully be wearing a bikini the whole show… nix that.  Apparently there is some other total insignificant NFL player named Brad Culpepper and she’s married to that dude.  Either way, stay naked.

Bill is a comedian and I can’t wait for his horrible unfunny hysterics.

Greg is a plastic surgeon and the first thing he should altering is his porn stache.  Dude looks like a 70’s porn star. (PLEASE be a 70’s porn star Greg!)

Jay is a male model, which he thankfully points out.  In case you thought he was a female model, he is not.  He is a male model.  He also mentions Christ in his profile…  if this season is as Tebow-centric as last year I’m gonna flip my shit.

I’m gonna roll with Matt as my pre-season prediction to win.

Probst wears a blue shirt.

Season premier, Wednesday, February 15.  What what!