A day late and a dollar short, better late than never, this one will be short and sweet and a few other clichés.  My apologies on the late recap but I finally got around to watching this weeks episode.  This week’s recap will be on time though, I promise!

Last week the tribes merged and we head back to the beach together as “One Tribe”… AGAIN.  Right away Chialicia is already talking girl power.  Let the games begin…  (Which is also the tagline for Game Of Thrones this year.  You should be watching if you aren’t already.)  The tribes may be merged but they surely aren’t united.

At the reward challenge everyone is split into two teams of six which tells me that CBS is making this shit up as they go along.  This was a scheduled team versus team challenge.  Last week when they were at even strength six men versus six women, production saw the value of even numbers and decided to merge on the fly.  You’ll never convince me otherwise.  This challenge only reinforces their bullshit.

The winning team gets a Chuck E. The Cheese pizza party, PLUS a “secret” note.  Like we are so stupid not to know that the note tells them there is an idol.  Where have you gone Russell Hantz?  Do these people need to be told to look for an idol?  Anyways, the producers want them to find the idol it makes the show more exciting.  Which is why they “hide” them in the exact same place all the time.  That shit needs to get tougher.

The tribes have to dig up some puzzle pieces and then do a puzzle.  Blah blah blah, the jockey can’t dig a hole.  Cha Cha Cha looked hot and awesome.  Tarzan is insane and can’t do puzzles.  Michael the banker kicked a lot of ass and ran like he had a pole in his ass.  Sabs shoved herself under a tight pole.  One team wins and the other loses.  Who cares…  Pizza party and beer.  Bingo bango bongo.

Back at camp Sushi says something to Tarzan that flips a switch and Tarzan pulls an Ozzy Lusth and just quits the tribe.  When asked what the issue is he calls it a misunderstanding.  What is the misunderstanding?  Every word out of Tarzan’s mouth is misunderstood.  Is a “misunderstanding” worth quitting your alliance and essentially the show?

Someone please tell me what that is on the back of Tarzan’s leg?

As if on cue, Troyzan finds the “hidden” idol after searching for five minutes.  Ta da!  Serious talk about these idols.  Why do people think they are so valuable?  They never get played and they remain hidden for about twenty minutes.  They are only valuable if you use them.  Instead they get turned in 100% of the time when they are rendered useless.  I don’t get it.

The Immunity Challenge is a waiter competition where you have to balance balls on a frisbee the longest.  Here is a picture of Chelsea holding two white balls.  I have two white balls she can hold…  Hey oh!

The challenge comes down to Troyzan and Kitty Kat with Troyzan outlasting her for the win.  Kat performing well for the first time.  Nice to see.  She is quietly getting it done.  This Troyzan guy has immunity and the “hidden” immunity idol.  Too bad he is a man and as discussed the men are mentally challenged this year,

At the camp, Chelsea washes her clothes and puts them in clean boiling water, then Tarzan drops his poop stained underwear in the water.  Not sure how this played out but it was hysterical watching her get a huge case of the ass with Tarzan.  Dude just does what he wants.  There is no question that was shit in his shorts and not “dirt” directly in the butt crack.  We’ve all been there Tarzan, just own it brother and wash yo own dam drawers.

At Tribal Council, there is no mention of voting out any women, even when the tribe is even at six women and six men… or should I say six women and six morons.  The three names mentioned at the vote are Mike, Tarzan and Sushi.  Everyone except the jockey votes for Sushi because he is the “biggest threat.”

The women now have control at six to five and next week they decide if they are going to stay with women versus men or go with their new tribal alliances.

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