Better late than never Survivor fans.  Sorry…  I know I missed a week but I’ve been über busy, ridiculously sick, blah and 100 other excuses.  I just haven’t had a chance to write anything and didn’t even watch last weeks episode until last night, so I was a whole week behind.  Is anyone even reading these any more?

I was quite wrong last week when I predicted Tarzan would go next.  There was a total blind side of Kitty Kat after she spent all of Tribal Council talking about how she loved blindsides.  One other small note from last week, is that I went to West Point with Sab’s brother Tony, who was “Jeffrey” twenty years ago.  (This was confirmed by Ms. Thompson.)  Check out that stud “Robert.”

Navy Seal night vision we have to listen to Tarzan’s bullshit, which is tired as hell.  Dude thinks he can make it further and tries to convince Kim to keep him til the final four.  If she does, he promises that once they vote him out that he will be able to convince the jury later?  She can’t be falling for this bullshit right?  If that’s the case, then why does she need him at all?  Just send him on his way and tell him to convince the jury now.  “Hey, dude, you need more time at the ranch to convince the jury to vote for me, so you should get there ASAP.”

While they are talking, Chialicia butts in which leads me to a question,  is that how I would play?  Is it smart to keep your nose in every conversation or is it better to lay off?  I think they both have their strengths and weaknesses.  Nosy = You hear everything but you look like a nervous psychopath.  Laid back = Easy to get blindsided but you seem like you’ve got your shit together.

When they are walking to get tree mail, Chelsea tells Cha Cha Cha that if she wins the reward challenge and the prize is food, that she will take her.  Then Chelsea mentions to Cha Cha Cha about joining her Kim and Sabs.  The second they get back to camp Cha Cha Cha goes directly to Kim, Chialicia and Tarzan and tells them what Chelsea said.  Not sure what advantage either of them gained out of blabbing there but I wish my two favorite ladies could keep their game’s played a little tighter.

Another pointless reward challenge.  The object is to get three disks by doing a dizzy bat, then putting the disks together to form a combination to then open a lock.  The winner gets a cruise and food.  Holy crap do they get to eat like pigs every three days this season.  They almost can’t be hungry from all the eating.  If you go to Fogo de Chao every three days you don’t need to eat for two days in between.

Anyways, Chelsea wins and doesn’t take Cha Cha Cha after she promised her she would.  She instead takes Kim and Sabs who are her alliance.  Not smart.  Why not leave someone from your core alliance at camp to keep an eye on the other three?  Plus you break up the three people who are against you so they can’t conspire against you.

Chelsea says she loves champagne which I will keep in mind for our next date.

While they are sailing, the three back at camp (Chialicia, Cha Cha Cha and Tarzan) discuss voting for Chelsea.  WHOA!  Bite your tongues!  Winning rewards is just straight up risky.  Last week Kitty Kat won and got the quick boot, now Chelsea wins and her name is making the rounds.  The way to roll is as Kim, don’t win and continually get taken along and still not have blood on your hands.

After they return, Kim and Chialicia get in a conversation about how Tarzan is feeding them both the same BS and that he probably plans on taking Cha Cha Cha.  Chialicia tells the camera that she won’t be made to look like a fool  and is the queen of the social game.  Am I missing something?  Does she actually have any power?

Probst shows up to the Immunity Challenge wearing a spiffy light blue shirt and a dark blue hat.  The challenge is to pick up puzzle pieces with a hook and then build a fish puzzle with one hand tied behind your back.  It turned out to be close race with Chialicia and Kim being neck and neck in the end but ultimately Chialicia wins her first challenge of the season.

Afterwards, at camp, Tarzan calls Chialicia a bitch and is just generally acting like a crazy person (more than usual.)  Chialicia is talking about how she has all the power and I still don’t see how she does?   She just has immunity.  Yes, she’s safe but she only gets one vote.  This is the same thing that happens when someone has the hidden idol.  Not sure what I’m missing.

Before they head to Tribal Council, Tarzan puts someone panties on his head and looks like he is wearing a womans bathing suit.  Pretty awesome move my friend.  I think his reasoning is that this will convince everyone that he is insane and they should take him to the finals with him.  Interesting strategy you diabolical super genius.

The voting is going to come down to either Tarzan or Chelsea.  The question is, is Tarzan crazy or is he playing them.  It looks like it could be three votes to three but after the votes are cast, it’s not a tie.  (You can tell right away because they are playing the music already, such a giveaway!)  The vote ends up 5-1 for Tarzan and Chelsea is saved and I don’t have to cry.

The season finale is this Sunday with the final five wonder women.  Who would have thunk it at the beginning of this season when the guys were picking em’ off so easily.  Again the jump the shark, sending themselves to Tribal Council, move was the beginning of the end.

Thanks as always for reading!

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