In order to not lose my job or lose any friends I want to make one thing crystal clear. You may think some of these stories are about you, they’re not.  I may have taken some creative liberties to make things entertaining and because I was probably blacked out when they maybe went down. If you think they’re about you, well I’m glad you can identify with them, be flattered but rest assured I’m not writing about you.

I have surrounded myself with awesome people, that do hilarious shit and typically have thick skin, these stories are based on them. If you have a real problem with anything on here, e-mail me directly and we can discuss. I can remind you of how big of a dipshit you may have been when you may or may not have committed these questionable acts. Then hopefully we can laugh and move on but in no way do I have intentions of hurting anyone or anyones feelings. Now stop being such a pussy.