The go-to guy in my crew for all things football.  Smells dominates every fantasy league he is in.  Here he gives us his update on the state of the NFL with a division by division breakdown.  (Real Life = On the Field – Make Believe = Fantasy Football)  Take a look.


I finally made it to the NFC.  It’s tough to find time to write all these fuckers when you have two children under two years old.  It’s unreal how much time those two little monsters of cuteness take up.  Plus the World Series is on,  college football every night, The Office, Survivor, multiple Jersey Shore reunion shows and a bevy of other unbelievable shows (Boardwalk EmpireDexter…)  I mean, how is a man supposed to find time to help with dinner, clean up, help with the whole children routine, watch all these shows and still get all fucked up before I ramble on about NFL football in these posts.  So without further ado…

The NFC East has been one of the most volatile divisions this year.  When you have four teams with absolutely crazy fan bases and three of the four teams with a legit shot at the division title going into the year, you have the recipe for a wild year.  The Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys, have each been the favorite to win the division at some point this year.  This weekend, the Eagles and Cowboys play each other.  The winner will have the inside track to the division title.  One thing I promise is that either Michael Vick or Tony Romo will make a bonehead play this weekend and ESPN won’t shut the fuck up about it for at least three days.

New York Giants: 4-2

Real Life: Somehow this dog shit team is leading the division right now.  Their defense has been decimated by injuries.  They have played the easiest schedule in the division.  After they dismantle the Miami Dolphins this weekend, I don’t see them winning a game the rest of the year. Eli Manning is one of the most overrated QB’s in the game.  He seems like such a whiney bitch.  Playoff Odds: 35%

Make Believe:  They have a few really solid players on their squad for fantasy.  Ahmad Bradshaw continues to be undervalued year after year.  Eli offers annoyingly good value as your QB.  If only because his WR’s and RB’s are so solid.  Their defense should be getting lit up for the rest of the year, which means lots of passing situations for this offense.

Dallas Cowboys: 3-3

Real Life:  They always seem to be in the running but for some reason always fuck it up.  Whether its Tony Romo throwing picks or fumbling, injuries (Miles Austin, Felix Jones) or play calling by Jason Garrett, it just seems like there is always an excuse here.  There aren’t many more teams in professional sports that are as fun to root against.  So I guess this current set up works for me.  Their remaining schedule is pretty favorable.  They can’t afford any of the previously mentioned miscues or they will be on the outside looking in.  Playoff Odds 40%

Make Believe:  Lots of people in the fantasy world continue to ride the Cowboys’ offensive nuts.  I argue that they are overrated.  The Cowboys get more press than most teams, so public perception is inflated.  Romo has never been an elite QB, yet people still think he could be some day.  When does this joker run out of chances.  Felix Jones can’t stay on the field.  Dez Bryant and Austin are rarely both healthy.  I just generally like my players to stay healthy.  Weird concept

Washington Redskins: 3-3

Real Life:  The Washington Redskins are just an all around boring team.  Two of their victories have come against the Arizona Cardinals and the Saint Louis Rams.  Both those teams are a joke.  I don’t expect much from this team the rest of the year.  I hope they never play in a game I want to bet on.  It would be a nightmare to have to watch this team. Schedule not favorable.  Playoff Odds: 5%

Make Believe:  Only player to look at here is Fred Davis.  He is getting looks from both Skins QB’s.  Avoid the rest of their players at all costs.

Philadelphia Eagles: 2-4

Real Life:  About to start a three game home stretch that will make or break their season (DAL, CHI, ARI).  Pretty much imperative for them to will all three.  I think they can.  They are starting to mesh as a team.  If their defense can turn up a little, I think they will make the NFC Championship game.  I will wager anyone; if the Eagles  make the playoffs, I will eat three cheesesteaks the next time I go there. (Please win).  Playoff Odds: 25%

Make Believe:  All their skill players are worth a look.  I think DeSean Jackson will have a big second half.  He hasn’t done shit so far and he is just too fast not to start making some big plays.  If Vick stays healthy, he can win your league for you.  Unless someone offers you something stupid, Vick and LeSean McCoy should remain on your team.

No thanks NFC East,

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