Check out the Miami Heat’s game introduction video.  After beating Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks for the first of their seven NBA titles, they absolutely should have this flashy video. 

This is how you celebrate a title.  You go out there and you get Kanye West (from Chicago) and Kid Cudi (from Cleveland!) to cut you a song and then dance around like you’re the cock of the walk.  Just strut that shit! 

I keep reading about how Dirk is being this “flashy” player, just flaunting his runner-up ass all over the NBA.  I’m tired of it.  If you’re gonna be a runner-up you’ve got to stay cool.   Dirk should probably get back in the gym and learn how to close in the fourth quarter.

Good thing the Heat brought it into Dirk’s house last year and took home the title, otherwise this self-aggrandizing video would seem a little  pompous.