Bit-O-Honey (Nestle) = 190 calories – Ingredients: ?

Who even knew that Bit-O-Honey was still on the shelves? The last time I had a Bit-O-Honey she rubbing her knee in my crotch at Diamonds Caberet.

My original plan was to eat every bite of each candy bar. Fail on bar #3. I just couldn’t do it. They have no buzzness still selling this congealed pollen. Worst thing I have eaten in years. Bit-O-Honey… more like Bit-O-Hiney.

Diabetes Ranking (1 to 5) = 0 Shots of Insulin

Bounty Bar next week, which looks like the Euro version of an Almond Joy minus the nuts. Isn’t that called a Mounds? Anticipation level is teetering around low to none.

PS They seriously used to make a Bit-O-Licorice?