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Candy Bar Challenge Week 4 – Bounty

Bounty (Mars) = 270 calories – Ingredients: Milk Chocolate and Coconut

“What is hairy on the outside, wet on the inside, starts with a C and ends with a T?” “A coconut.”

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Candy Bar Challenge Week 3 – Bit-O-Honey

Bit-O-Honey (Nestle) = 190 calories – Ingredients: ?

Who even knew that Bit-O-Honey was still on the shelves? The last time I had a Bit-O-Honey she rubbing her knee in my crotch at Diamonds Caberet.

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Candy Bar Challenge Week 2 – Baby Ruth

Baby Ruth (Nestle) = 280 calories – Ingredients: Chocolate, Peanuts, Caramel and Nougat, whatever that is.

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Candy Bar Challenge Week 1 – Almond Joy

Almond Joy (Hershey Peter Paul) = 220 calories – Ingredients: Milk Chocolate, Coconut and 4 Tiny Almonds

“What is 6 inches long, brown, has 2 nuts and makes a girl scream?” “An Almond Joy”

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