Last fall I took a trip the Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland with Charlie Hustle, Bobby Ford and Felix Ackman.  Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Me, Felix and Bobby in Helsinki, Finland.

Me and Felix about to do some akvavit shots in Helsinki.  Right after we did these shots, a dude dressed as a pirate was so hammered he fell face first off his chair.  The staff didn’t even blink an eye, like “That kind of shit happens here all the time.”  When we left there was a different drunk dude sleeping in the coat closet.

Felix met this chick at the bar after dinner.  At first I didn’t think she was that into him.  Obviously I was wrong.

Here we are in Helsinki in the Arctic IceBar.  Not sure how Felix was ok with no shirt on.  It was freezing in there.

The next morning we went water sliding

In Tallinn, Estonia these two idiots inadvertently decided to dress like twins.  From dinner we went to a bar where I was so hammered that I fell head first out the front door at 1am.  Charlie and Bobby put Felix and I in a cab back to the hotel.  T = True.  Bobby and Charlie went “out.”  $2k and 8 hours later they came stumbling head first into our hotel room.  T= Also true.

Felix was exhausted and slept in.

We got pretty tight with the bartender in Riga, Latvia and he let Felix pour some of our own drinks.

After a couple long nights of drinking, we deserved a spa day.

In Vilniu, Lithuania we visited the Gediminas Tower.  We got kicked out of here about ten seconds after this photo because Felix decided to make an appearance.  He would have looked good hanging with this knight.  Maybe they kicked him out because he wasn’t wearing a shirt?

Just Felix being silly.The food was screwing with Felix’s stomach.  On the last day of our trip he was having some pretty serious issues and Charlie thought it would be funny to barge in on him dropping a deuce.