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The Big House: Poop Story Of The Week

In 2007, I went to Ann Arbor with Smells to watch Michigan destroy Notre Dame.  I love Notre Dame football and have always wanted to go to the Big House, Michigan’s Stadium.  We got there on Friday night and did the usual campus drinking.  We woke up Saturday morning, tailgated and headed into the stadium.  When we got to our seats, I started feeling that “Uh oh” grumble down below.

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The First And Last Duck Face Date

I went to the Black Angels concert at The Metro last night with this chick Duck Face that I work with.  The background is that  on my 3rd day here she got a new puppy and wanted to show me pictures of it.  She gave me her iPhone and “accidentally” showed me a full frontal picture of herself.  Of course I asked her out ON THE SPOT.

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Chipslist – My Buddy Elroy

A few months ago I started posting stuff on Craigslist to get rid of some old junk.  Well the people who were responding were free unintentional comedy, so i thought I would throw some bait on there and see what I could get.

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El Toro

Went to Louisville for KY Gentleman’s birthday.  His wifey threw him a party in the back of this Mexican joint.  We were all just sipping margaritas and all of a sudden this guy in a Luchador costume runs in.  Not sure what was going on but that guy had a tight ass and a fantastic package if you ask me.  I’m not positive but he might have been a stripper because that old lady was grinding all over him.

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Bitchin’ Lebaron: Poop Story Of The Week

Our senior year at Dayton we lived near the prime parking area for commuter students, right near the academic buildings.  I’d park my Wrangler right in front of our house and leave it there for weeks.  (Except of course to drive to the bar every night.)  We pretty much had a reserved house parking spot, right in front of our place.

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The Baltics

Last fall I took a trip the Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland with Charlie Hustle, Bobby Ford and Felix Ackman.  Here are a few pictures from our trip.

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Survivor Recap: 5/13 Perception Is Not Always Reality

Chelsea and I had a really nice week in Chicago before she had to head to New York City for the finale.  Good luck babe!  Tonight our weekly love affair comes to an end.

Last week Tarzan’s goofy ass was voted out bringing us to five ladies (Kim, Chelsea, Cha Cha Cha, Chialicia and Sabs) and for the first time in show history the final five is all women.  Does anyone know if it has it ever been all men?

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