The food in Japan is just not what you would expect.  It is nothing like Benihana of Tokyo or your local sushi place, I promise.  The texture is off and the food is treated with different chemicals that affect our round eye stomachs differently.  That and about 15 bottles of sake gave me an extreme case of geri.

Felix was living in Japan teaching English to business people and didn’t teach me much of anything besides “sayonara” and “konichiwa.” Pretty much all I learned otherwise was the Japanese word for diarrhea, which is geri (pronounced Gary).  Probably because crapping completely occupied my trip.  Apparently when you are sitting at a table you shouldn’t yell out “Geri…Geri! Geri…Geri!”  Felix asked me what I would think if a group of Japanese people sat at a table in America and yelled “Diarrhea…Diarrhea!” Obviously I think it would be spectacular.