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The Drink Box

While I was on my Far East visit to see Felix in Japan, needless to say, we spent far too much time pouring sake down our throats.  He was living there teaching conversational English to Japanese business people and when I was in town, his students wanted to take the round-eyed American to dinner. 

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You Can Play A Guitar But You Can’t Tuna Fish

I went to visit Felix a few years ago in Japan.  He shockingly speaks fluent Japanese so he could translate.  One day we were lying around watching TV and the greatest, show ever came on

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How Little Can You Pee Your Pants?

The origins of this game are believed to date back to the Samurai.

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Gary! Gary!

The food in Japan is just not what you would expect.  It is nothing like Benihana of Tokyo or your local sushi place, I promise.  The texture is off and the food is treated with different chemicals that affect our round eye stomachs differently.  That and about 15 bottles of sake gave me an extreme case of geri.

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