It was Sunday night and I was 14 plus miles into my 16 mile marathon training run.  I was in the home stretch and running along the retaining wall along Lake Michigan.  I was pretty zoned out and cruising on the sidewalk going against traffic.  It was about 9pm so there wasn’t anyone else out there and I was kinda thinking to myself “Maybe I shouldnt be out here in the dark.”

All of the sudden I thought I was shot.  I reach down and there was eggshell and blood dripping down my stomach…  some punk ass kids driving 40 mph down Lake Shore Drive tossed about 6 raw eggs out the window at me.  One bounced off my skull but broke just enough to get egg in my hair, another grazed my arm and a third drilled me directly below the right tit.

If you havent been hit by an egg before let me tell you,  at zero miles an hour I imagine that being hit from 5 feet away by a raw egg would “sting”.  However, the force of them driving 40 mph toward me and throwing them full speed hurt like hell.  I don’t joke when I say that for a second I thought I was shot.  It literally knocked the wind out of me.  It felt about the equivalent of being drilled in the head by a baseball from about 10 feet away.  Which has also happened to me.

A nice passerby stopped and was kind enough to point out to me, “Wow, those kids had great aim.”  Thanks dude.

I wasn’t wearing a shirt so it slapped directly into my skin and with no shirt on I had nothing to wipe any of that crap off with.  I wont lie and say I wasn’t kind of shook up, I was.  Since I still had 2 miles to get home, I collected myself, got through the tunnel under Lake Shore Drive and ran down Chicago Avenue for 2 miles.

People were completely staring at me since I now had egg in my hair,  all over my shorts and blood dripping down my belly.  “Sorry if I ruined your romantic Michigan Avenue date people. Go back to Detroit.”  To help with the visual.  I had no shirt on, blood on my belly, I was sporting a full scraggly beard, black head band and I was covered in egg.  Obviously a homeless man running on Michigan Avenue.