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Rub Me The Wrong Way: Poop Story Of The Week

I ran this adventure race called the Wild Scallion where you do all kinds of crazy shit around town with a team of 4 people.  Pretty fun, I signed up to do it with Bobby Ford and a couple other friends.  The gist of  the race is you run about 15 miles, Rollerblade, run some stairs, kayak, swim and bike all over town…  It sounds like a pain in the ass but it was actually pretty awesome, however; it also did become a literal pain in my ass.

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I Am The Eggman

It was Sunday night and I was 14 plus miles into my 16 mile marathon training run.  I was in the home stretch and running along the retaining wall along Lake Michigan.  I was pretty zoned out and cruising on the sidewalk going against traffic.  It was about 9pm so there wasn’t anyone else out there and I was kinda thinking to myself “Maybe I shouldnt be out here in the dark.”

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