The origins of this game are believed to date back to the Samurai.

When I was in Japan staying with Felix, his crazy Tasmanian roommate taught us how to play.  The rules are simple…. How little can you pee your pants?  Everyone at the table has to pee themselves as little as possible, yet still enough that it shows through their pants.  The winner is the person who pees their pants the least.

We played pretty much every night we went  out to dinner.  Ninety percent of the time we played, some poor schmuck would end up with a lap full of piss.  The Japanese are super straight-laced so it would blow their minds when these three foreigners would sit at their table tinkling in their pants.

Winners get out of their share of the bill, much like credit card roulette.  Losers typically looks like this Japanese guy below who played with us.  Risk/Reward?