The go-to guy in my crew for all things football.  Smells dominates every fantasy league he is in.  Here he gives us his update on the state of the NFL with a division by division breakdown.  (Real Life = On the Field – Make Believe = Fantasy Football)  Take a look.


They should rename this division the AFC Peyton.  Peyton Manning has absolutely owned this league for pretty much his entire career.  It’s very similar to Tiger Woods’ run on the PGA Tour.  Everyone else has been playing for second.  I would like to see the Indianapolis Colts name Manning their Offensive Coordinator for the rest of his career.  Just amazing to watch two of these AFC South teams on prime time this past Sunday and Monday play completely different games.  Indy rolled over to the New Orleans Saints and the Jacksonville Jaguars played their asses off like it mattered (which it doesn’t for them).  I get extremely vexed by that discrepancy in effort.   It vexes me very much.

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