The go-to guy in my crew for all things football.  Smells dominates every fantasy league he is in.  Here he gives us his update on the state of the NFL with a division by division breakdown.  (Real Life = On the Field – Make Believe = Fantasy Football)  Take a look.


They should rename this division the AFC Peyton.  Peyton Manning has absolutely owned this league for pretty much his entire career.  It’s very similar to Tiger Woods’ run on the PGA Tour.  Everyone else has been playing for second.  I would like to see the Indianapolis Colts name Manning their Offensive Coordinator for the rest of his career.  Just amazing to watch two of these AFC South teams on prime time this past Sunday and Monday play completely different games.  Indy rolled over to the New Orleans Saints and the Jacksonville Jaguars played their asses off like it mattered (which it doesn’t for them).  I get extremely vexed by that discrepancy in effort.   It vexes me very much.

Houston Texans: 4-3

Real Life:  This Houston Texans team is an enigma.  One week they look they look brutal (OAK, @BAL), then they dominate two pretty good teams (PIT, @TEN).  I think they will make it happen this year.  They will finally be able to lose a first round playoff game.  Schedule mildly favorable for the rest of the season.  Andre Johnson is coming back this week or next.  Playoff Odds: 72%

Make Believe:  Arian Foster basically missed the first three weeks of the season and he is still top seven in most formats.  He is top three in average points per game.  Andre Johnson has not been healthy all year.  He should be back this week or next.  Houston’s skill players should all see an uptick in value for the second half of the season.  Ben Tate should be owned if you have the room.  Nice guy to make as a throw in for a trade too.

Tennessee Titans: 3-3

Real LIfe:  It is very difficult for a team to recover from losing their two best offensive players.  Kenny Britt was having a breakout year for the Tennessee Titans, just absolutely dominating teams.  He blows out his knee and is done for the year.  Chris Johnson is a shell of himself from his first few years in the league.  Tennessee is dead last in rushing in the NFL.  With Manning out, they are somehow still in contention for a playoff spot.  Their schedule is probably a tick or 2 more favorable than Houston’s but I just don’t think they have they horses to pull it off.  Playoff Odds: 28%

Make Believe:  CJ2K (Chris Johnson) is the story here.  I would love to tell you to go trade for him, I just don’t think his heart or head is in it this year.  Some players came into this season in less than elite shape.   Many of them claim lockout but I think they were all looking for an excuse to dick around for a year.  Next year steal CJ2K for lower tier one value.  This year let someone else deal with him.  He is the only player of relevance on this team in my opinion.  Matt Hasslebeck, Jared Cook and Nate Washington are all very average and can be back ups for you.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 2-5

Real Life:  Somehow this team has won two games this year.  Big tribute to Jack Del Rio and his staff.  They run the ball well and they play good defense.   Their big issue is QB and boy would I be nervous as fuck if I were a Jaguars fan.  Blaine Gabbert looks terrible.  I never understood why everyone loved him so much out of college.  His numbers were not that impressive and his teams underperformed.  They have the toughest remaining schedule in their division.  They could go winless for the rest of the year.  Playoff Odds: 0%

Make Believe:  I think Maurice Jones-Drew has a big second half.  I have never questioned MJD’s will to win and compete.   MJD just had 33 carries for 103 yards against the best defense in the league this year, the Baltimore Ravens.  If he gets 60% that many carries a game from here on out, I expect huge numbers from him.  Nobody else on this team should be owned.

Indianapolis Colts: 0-7

Real LIfe:  Peyton Manning was so good that he helped their defense.  The Colts were always either playing with a lead or were in a shootout.  The Colts defense was built to pressure the passer.  For opposing teams to keep up with the Colts, they generally needed to call a lot of passing plays.  This allowed their Pro Bowl Defensive End’s to tee off on opposing QBs.  The amount of times I saw Dwight Freeney or Robert Mathis create turnovers by opposing teams was insane.  How can those opposing QB’s have such terrible internal clocks?  You are fucking pro QB’s playing against monster D End’s that are trying to hurt you and steal the ball from your pussy hands.  These dumb fucks take so long to get rid of the ball sometimes, you would think they were going over a sudoku puzzle in their head from earlier in the day.    Anyway, team sucks, need Peyton healthy.  Playoff Odds: -0%

Make Believe: Surprisingly there have been some good stories to come out of this dog shit team, Pierre Garcon tops the list.  Since they are always getting blown out, they need to play catch-up.  Garcon seems to have better chemistry with backup (now starter) QB, Curtis Painter, than all pro Reggie Wayne.   Garcon has been parlaying his new-found targets into a few big plays, I expect this trend to continue.  Delone Carter looks like he will be the future at RB in Indy.  Great keeper potential with Carter, as I belive they will release or cut Joseph Addai before next year.

Keep  an eye open for when I learn you the NFC.   Shoot me any questions you might have in the comments section below.

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