The first time Bobby made out was on a junior high school youth seminar camping trip.

He met a girl a year older and after flirting a while they snuggled into a sleeping bag together.  They made out for a few minutes then she reached around, pulled down his boxers and stuck her thumb directly into his bunghole.  He’d never made out before so he was confused about what was going on.  They continued making out in this fashion for a few minutes and he felt like he was missing something.  He didn’t want to ruin this first ever make out, so he reached around her back and probed his thumb into her ass.  There they lie in the throes of passion all night with their thumbs in each other’s buttholes.

Over the next year or so he kissed a few more girls and continued with this tried and true thumb in ass strategy.  It was working well and quickly became his go-to move.  One day he met a young lady that he was interested in dating.  They went to his parent’s basement and started the dance of love.  He went to the thumb move.

Girl – “What are you doing?”
Bobby – “Aren’t we making out?”
Girl – “Yes, but why are you putting your thumb in my ass?”
Bobby – “Isn’t that how people make out?”

Maybe in Cleveland buddy…