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Bitchin’ Lebaron: Poop Story Of The Week

Our senior year at Dayton we lived near the prime parking area for commuter students, right near the academic buildings.  I’d park my Wrangler right in front of our house and leave it there for weeks.  (Except of course to drive to the bar every night.)  We pretty much had a reserved house parking spot, right in front of our place.

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Pat Brice: Air And Water Show


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Black Friday

Every year for the first Friday of the NCAA Basketball tourney, me and all my scumbag friends will get together and watch the games.  We skip work and get to the bar around 10am. Then we pretty much act all day like we are in still in college.

The day starts with an all-you-can-drink open bar and after 10 plus hours of drinking, it always ends exactly the way you think it does.  We therefore refer to this Friday as “Black Friday.”  This year Charlie decided to make the trip to Chicago for the annual debacle.

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What’s The Score Of The Braves Game?

I wanted to start 2012 off BIG and no one I know is bigger than the KY Gentleman… if you know what I mean.  He’s pretty sly for a white guy but you don’t get the nickname KY just because you’re from Kentucky.  You get the nickname KY when KY is required.  (In some circles he is also known as the Coke can.)

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Pat Brice: Ron Santo Hall Of Fame Phone Call

“Ron Santo Hall Of Fame Call” Audio From Visitor’s Locker Room

Pat Brice: Friends Of Barbaro Audio

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John Jefferson Wayne

Spring break junior year of college we decided to go to my parents lake house in Texas.  A pretty ridiculous crew of ten guys, including me, Hustle, Felix, Desire, KY and The Donger hopped in our cars and drove from Dayton to Lake Conroe, outside Houston.


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