I just love this concept.  One of my big issues with frequenting fast food joints is seeing how overworked their employees are.  Allowing me make my own drink gives them at least 5-10 extra seconds per order to lean on the register and stare at me.  Not only do I think the amount of extra work these people are doing is unfair, I can not begin to imagine why anyone would not want to pay for something and then not do the work themselves.

Maybe landscape companies can start implementing this policy as well.  Just show up with the mowers and Weed-Wackers, then drop them on your doorstep.  The crew can sit on the truck and watch you do the rest of the work.  After you’re done they’ll do the cleanup, sorta.

Another of my favorites is the make your own Bloody Mary bar.  The person behind the bar is a certified bartender, they shouldn’t be wasting time  making drinks that the common man can make themselves.  How hard can it be?  It’s tomato juice and vodka right?  Imagine the hassle I would have to go through explaining to them that I would like more or less Tabasco Sauce in my drink.  Screw it!  You just stand behind the bar and watch football.  I will do all the work.  Besides, it’s Sunday, I’m not working, I may as well make myself useful.  Then if I screw up the drink, it is no one’s fault but my own.

One of the beauties of the make your own soda fountain is that anyone can just walk up there and get a drink.  It doesn’t matter if you just got done changing your tires and have grease on your hands, pour yourself a Sierra Mist buddy.  It doesn’t matter if you just finished cleaning the sewers, you too should walk right up there and mix yourself an Arnold Palmer my friend.  And, while you’re there, be sure to use your fingers and grab some lemons out of that little bowl I just accidentally coughed into.