I’m sure from the title you thought this would be a post about some Mexican food I enjoyed for lunch and then pooped my pants… well it isn’t.  It is an update on my locker room experiences with the Mexican cleaning/”hanging out in the mens locker room” ladies.  Every time I go to work out they are just maxin’ in the mens locker room.

Yesterday at lunch,  I went into the locker room and all 3 of the cleaning crew was hanging out in the mens locker room, just chillin, lounging on the benches like they are members.  I ‘m obviously annoyed but after I walked in they all got up and left.  Sorry if I broke up your bullshit session ladies.  I changed and went to work out.  Fast forward one hour…

After my workout I went back to my locker, the same locker I use every day and it was empty.  Completely.  I did a quick search of the surrounding lockers and they were all empty too?  What?  It was then that I realized that the reason they are empty is my favorite cleaning crew has cleaned out ALL of the lockers.  While I was running they threw everything away.  This included my pants, with my wallet in the pocket, my shoes, my boxers, my shirt and my iPhone.  Needless to say I had a total freak out breakdown.  I ran into the janitor’s office (shirt off) and lost my mind. We then spent the next 5 minutes (again… shirtless) digging through the dumpster to find all of my shit. Pleasure.

Once I was convinced I had all of my soiled stuff back, I went to take a shower.  They had apparently thrown out all of the shower curtains too?  That’s normal.  What?  Was there a secret bed bug infestation in the locker room I didn’t need to know about?  I got back to my locker to change into my dirty garbage clothes and  I dropped my towel to get into my boxers.  As if on cue, one of the senoritas walked in.  My boxers were off and I was completely buck naked.  Not even holding my shorts yet.  I’m not sure if she was more surprised by the size of my miniature Irish wang or the size of the bruise on my chest from my recent egging.