Ahh…. The savory smell of popcorn in the afternoon.

I haven’t ever actually made popcorn at work myself but I’m thinking maybe I should.  What could be more selfless than making the entire office smell like popcorn.  It makes everyone feel like they’re at the movies.  And who doesn’t wish they were at the movies at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon.  Instead of sitting here at my desk  concentrating on my work, I can day-dream about being somewhere better.

Even more wonderful than the smell of popcorn is the sound of someone eating popcorn.  How refreshing to know you are having a healthy snack at the end of the day.  It’s been three hours since I’ve eaten and your chomping on that popcorn is a reminder to me that I should eat something as well.  Too bad I am not a Jewel-Osco and I don’t have an endless supply of snack foods in my desk.

Maybe if you don’t have popcorn next time, you can crunch into an apple.  The perfect office snack.