Smells works downtown as a trader and from what I can tell, he does well for himself.  A few years ago, he decided he needed an intern to help cover his “workload.”  So, after some extensive planning, (he did nothing) he decided to reach out to the students at Northwestern and The University of Chicago, two of the most prestigious schools in America.

He posted flyers in the student unions of both of schools, hoping to find someone interested in helping him out.  Before beginning the search, he sent me this job posting and asked me what I thought.  My obvious reply was, “It’s perfect, get it out.”

Amazingly…. After a few weeks he actually got a phone call from a girl named Wu Fong, who was of course  a math genius.  He offered her an unpaid internship sight unseen and she accepted.

The first job he gave her, since he was so extremely bogged down at work, was something he couldn’t possibly get to on his own.  He listed thirty completely random numbers on a piece of paper and gave them to her.
“Take these numbers and do something with them.”
“What should I do with them?”
“I don’t know… You’re the math genius. Wow me.”

Needless to say, Wu Fong could find no rhyme or reason for the numbers but still managed to come up with some amazing bullshit analysis.  I hope I don’t have to tell you that Ms. Fong did not last at her Learn LLC internship for too long.