The KY Gentleman is quickly becoming a cartoon character to me.

When we finished college, he went to medical school where he graduated dead last in his class.  No clue how he finished at all since he is such a complete idiot.  He would be literally the last person I would ever go to for any type of medical help, yet he is my only friend who is an actual doctor.

He was smart enough though to marry a girl who graduated at the top of their med school class.

Since they’ve finished school, she has gone on to become a successful cardiologist and mother of two.  KY has gone on to beat Tiger Woods PGA Tour on his Xbox.

It recently came to my attention that he is pulling some seriously unreal antics and I have no clue how or why.
A. He sits at home and his wife is working all day and apparently is still making him dinner every night. (Unreal)
B. He has her draw him a bath every night before he goes to bed.  (Ridiculous)
C. He requires her to warm his towels in the dryer while he is bathing. (WTF!)
D. He has her to powder his balls after she dries him off.  (Come on dude…)