I was home watching the original Winter Classic this weekend… Christmas VacationThe scene at the beginning, when the Griswolds go to cut down their Christmas tree, reminded me of the holiday joy in college.  Our junior year at UD we decided to “decorate” the house.

Desire and I hopped in the car and drove to the hardware store to find a tree.  The trees were lined up in front of the place and the sales guy came out to help us.

Sales guy: “Can I help you boys?”
Desire: “Yeah, how much are the trees?”
Sales guy: “Forty bucks”
Desire: “How much for that hatchet?”
Sales guy: “Seven dollars”
Desire: “We’ll take the hatchet.”

We bought the hatchet and drove to Interstate 75.  There were no actual pine trees along the highway, only these 80 foot super trees with the Christmas part at the top.So….  like a couple of Paul Bunyans’ we chopped that bastard down and tied it to the roof of the car.When we got home, we set up a rope pulley system and pulled that thing on top of the house and then nailed it to the roof.  When we graduated from college a year and a half later, that thing was dead and still nailed to the roof of the house.

Merry freakin Christmas.