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Bitchin’ Lebaron: Poop Story Of The Week

Our senior year at Dayton we lived near the prime parking area for commuter students, right near the academic buildings.  I’d park my Wrangler right in front of our house and leave it there for weeks.  (Except of course to drive to the bar every night.)  We pretty much had a reserved house parking spot, right in front of our place.

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Poop Dollar: Poop Story of the Week

Like a typical college student, while I was at UD I never had any cash. So what did we do when we did have cash? We rubbed shit all over it.

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Vines – The Brown Street Pimp

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John Jefferson Wayne

Spring break junior year of college we decided to go to my parents lake house in Texas.  A pretty ridiculous crew of ten guys, including me, Hustle, Felix, Desire, KY and The Donger hopped in our cars and drove from Dayton to Lake Conroe, outside Houston.


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VOTE: Best Story Of 2011

What was your favorite Chipwrecks story of 2011?


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We’ll Take The Hatchet

I was home watching the original Winter Classic this weekend… Christmas VacationThe scene at the beginning, when the Griswolds go to cut down their Christmas tree, reminded me of the holiday joy in college.  Our junior year at UD we decided to “decorate” the house.

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After high school The Donger had a short “rebellion period.  A few months before he headed away to UD, his parents tried to crack the whip, lay down the law, get him in check and some other clichés.  As you would expect… this didn’t go over too well.

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The Paper

With art, saying too much can ruin the beauty of what you are experiencing.  You must see the art first, then after you’ve taken in a masterpiece, you form your own interpretation of what you’ve just seen.

The attached piece of literature is one of these rare works of genius.  Please read the attached document first and only then move to the comments below for an explanation.  Without further ado, I present:

“Trifles” – English 151 Drama Paper by Brian Murphy

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