It was a great year to rid the world of evil.  Kim Jong-il, Obama Bin Laden, Andy Rooney, Al Davis and Gadaffhi all dead in 2011.  Five just enormous assholes.

This dude was either 69 and born in Russia or 70 and born in Japan.  You’d think that someone who shot a 38 in a round of golf would be better at tracking these numbers.  Pick a date and go with it.  You can’t be fluctuating on that.  I now think he might have been exaggerating on that golf score the same way he did on his birthday.  I would like to believe he shot a 38 but the questionable birthday information throws me off.  How can I trust him?  It’s the classic, “I had a three on that hole” when you clearly had a five routine.  “I’m 48,” when you’re actually 51.  That shit catches up to you quick. 

I’d think someone with his power could just straight go with “I don’t age at all.  I’m 25 from now on.  Period.