The population of Iceland is about 300,000 people, about the size of Corpus Christi, Texas. I’ve decided there are multiple reasons the population is so low…. The obvious reason is it’s cold as balls but my research shows that is not the only reason. It is also the most dangerous place on the planet.

On our trip to Iceland we risked life and limb to assimilate and experience all this great nation has to offer.

First we visited their national treasure, Geysir, which as you can guess is a geyser. This thing is, to say the least, tiny. It is pretty much a pool in the middle of nowhere. You literally are able to walk right up to it and put your hands in it.

You have to view Old Faithful from like a mile away, in Iceland, just wander right up to pools of boiling hot water and stick your hands in.

Next we visited Dettifoss, which is supposed to be the strongest water fall in Europe. To get to Dettifoss you have to walk about 300 yards down this seriously steep ice-covered path.

No joke, this is the rope that is supposed to keep you from plummeting into the waterfall. Are these people serious? All that fence is going to do is help trip me as I fall over the side to my certain death. (Note that the fence is under the snow)

The most dangerous aspect of Iceland was Viking beer, the Icelandic brew. They only sell them in 24 ounce cans and they are 5.6% alcohol. Which pretty much means one Viking is like drinking three High Life’s

(This part has nothing to do with danger but it was a pretty awesome part of the trip, so I want to tell.) On our way to the airport, we made a special trip to KFC for KY. The girl working there was easily the hottest KFC employee in the world.

I don’t think her competition is too stiff but still. This picture doesn’t do her justice, so you’re gonna have to trust me on this one. But believe me, if you saw her in a KFC in the U.S., you’d do a triple take and be convinced you were on a hidden camera show. We just don’t get the same quality of hotties in KFC that we used to.