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Chipslist – My Buddy Elroy

A few months ago I started posting stuff on Craigslist to get rid of some old junk.  Well the people who were responding were free unintentional comedy, so i thought I would throw some bait on there and see what I could get.

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Radiohead Puts Me To Sleep

I have since changed my tune on Radiohead but in 2008 I wasn’t a believer in their hype.  I thought they were playing crap music and trying to pass it off as art.  Smells insisted I was insane and told me I had to check them out at Lollapalooza.  Fine, what’s the worst that can happen?.

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Survivor Recap: 12/14 Then There Were Five

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Coach Ben Wade show.  There hasn’t been anyone with a lock on his tribe members and a guaranteed season victory since….  well last season when Boston Rob Mariano just dominated from start to finish.

It’s the last episode before the finale.  T minus four days until we get to see some live Miki!

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Survivor Recap: 11/30 Cult Like

Another post Mikayla episode.  The good news is, only four more episodes until the finale and we get to see Miki live.  I will fight through these last few episodes like Spartacus.

Last week I did not watch live, due to Thanksgiving.  I got home on Friday and settled in with popcorn and a High Life.  I flipped on Survivor and almost threw my remote through the TV when I realized it was a “recap” episode.  Those episodes are the biggest joke.  Instead of having an episode where they vote out two contestants in one episode, why not use the “recap” week instead for a real episode?  The only thing worse is the non-elimination stages on Amazing Race.

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