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Smells Like Fantasy Football – AFC East

The go-to guy in my crew for all things football. Smells dominates every fantasy league he is in. Here he gives us his update on the state of the NFL with a division by division breakdown. (Real Life = On the Field – Make Believe = Fantasy Football) Take a look.


The AFC East continues to belong to the New England Patriots who seem to mix it up every year and find new ways to win. The New York Jets are a huge disappointment, mainly because Mark Sanchez sucks. The Buffalo Bills have a nice offense, and I am glad that they are actually competitive this year. There has been speculation over the last couple years that Buffalo will lose its team, and they would move it to a much less deserving city like Los Angeles. On a scale of 1-10, L.A. is a 1 in sports fans. Talk about people who just don’t give a fuck about sports. People in Buffalo live and die by the Bills and Sabres. They still pack the Bills’ stadium when the team sucks and it’s the insanely cold outside. The Miami Dolphins have cool uniforms.

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What’s Ryan Fitzpatricks Deal?

Is this guy even for real?  In addition to blowing my fantasy week, Ryan Fitzpatrick wears his wedding ring on the field?  During the game?  We’re not talkin bout practice…  We’re talkin bout the game.  This isn’t Reggie Roby sporting a watch  and punting during the game, this is a starting quarterback in the NFL.  Is there a bigger sign of being whipped than wearing your wedding ring on the field in the NFL?  I blame that wedding ring for at least two incompletions.  Dude, you went to Harvard, go be a lawyer or something where it’s not so weird for you to sport that bling.