This dude in Britain cheated in some stupid marathon they had across the pond last weekend.

A few minor questions….
1. Why the huge stud earrings on race day? Is it because Ocho Stinko wears them under his helmet?
2. Aren’t these Kenyan dudes usually bald? This guy has a lot more facial hair that I would have expected.
3. Didn’t anyone notice this guy on the bus?
4. Why are there other marathons the same day as Chicago. We pretty much own marathon racing that day. So I’m not impressed with the real winner in the first place. (The guy that won, finished in 2:35 which would have placed him at 121st in the Chicago marathon.)

I do respect this clown’s decision to finish in third. First or second is way too suspicious. No one cares about third place. If you’re gonna cheat, do just enough to get by. If I would have cheated in school, I probably would have tried to lock in my scores right around B- or C+. Passing… but not so much to raise suspicions. Lets face it, I would have barely passed the previous test, I can’t now run out and get a 95% on the follow-up exam. No one is gonna buy that.

I once asked Spice if he thought he would have done better in college if he could have used a Blackberry to cheat.

His response: “Any fool can get a good shave with a Gillette Fusion vibrating razor. A purist commands respect when he shaves with a straight edge razor. I would never employ a Blackberry as part of my craft.”

Plus, he probably couldn’t eat a phone in case he needed to go into broken-arrow mode.