At work the day after Lollapalooza, I accidentally popped a huge zit in the middle of my back by leaning against the back of my chair  It must have been from the steroids?  I didn’t realize I did it so I had blood all over the back of my white shirt.

Someone told me about it, so I walked into the bathroom to check it out. It looked like a Jackson Pollock painting exploded onto my back.  Just crap everywhere. So I popped my shirt off in the public restroom, got the shirt wet and scrubbed it with a paper towel.  The towel just disintegrated as I rubbed it on the fabric. So now I had a huge wet spot on my back.  Pretty much the whole back of the shirt was wet.  I then realized that the front of the shirt was in the sink and it was not only moist it was dripping wet from the faucet running directly onto it.

Thankfully then my boss walked in while I’m standing there topless, t-o-p-l-e-s-s and asked “What in the hell are you doing?  I didn’t know you had tattoos.  What does that say on your arm? And again why is your shirt off?”  I then went directly to a meeting with a major client with a completely soaked shirt.

Addition: I sent this story to Fancy, who I spent the entire day before with at Lollapalooza, with my shirt off.  Her first reaction was “Oh yeah, I saw that thing right away but didn’t want to have to pop it myself, so I didn’t tell you.”  Thanks so much for your friendship…