I went to visit Felix a few years ago in Japan.  He shockingly speaks fluent Japanese so he could translate.  One day we were lying around watching TV and the greatest, show ever came on

It’s a game show and the concept is those two dudes on the right are locked in a room and they aren’t allowed out until they have finished that huge ass tuna on the left.  Best. Show. Ever.  Apparently, they’re both C-List comedians, so this show is essentially Rob Schneider and Andy Dick locked in a room eating tuna for two weeks.

Ninety percent of the show is the two of them moaning and groaning about how their stomachs hurt, then every once in a while they press a button and that chef in the background will pop up.  Then, it pretty much turns into Bubba Gump… “Tuna sandwich, tuna salad, tuna burger, fried tuna, tuna kebab, tuna cocktail….”

I’m usually at home watching Survivor and the Japanese have this?  No joke, I can’t handle this Japanese domination!