Our senior year at UD, The Donger brought to school a stuffed boar’s head trophy from his fathers basement.  He gave us a speech about how important this thing was to his dad, that he had stolen it and that we couldn’t fuck it up or his dad would be furious.  So…we hung it in the most high traffic room of the house.

One night we had a party and some schmuck ripped the things ears off.  The next day Donger went crazy and glued the ears back on, but, you could see the glue where he attached them back to the head.  So, he then decided to trim his own hair off and use it to cover up the glue lines.

A few weeks later, when he went home, he took the head back and put back up it in his fathers trophy room.

For a while his father didn’t notice but one day he asked Donger, “Does anyone know why this boar’s ears are on backwards?”

Apparently while Donger was busy glueing his own hair to this thing, he failed to notice he put the ears on the wrong side.