On a cold Monday night at UD after watching football, drinking warm leftover keg beer and eating too many chicken wings, the KY Gentleman was forced to relieve himself on our front porch.  I’m not talking about #1 here… this is called the poop story of the week for a reason.

When we woke in the morning his poop had frozen solid into a perfectly round patty.  So, Charlie and KY did what any normal college students would do, they went to the student union and bought a real hamburger.  They brought it home and removed the meat, saving the bun, the vegetables and the condiments.  They then replaced the meat with KY’s poop patty.

That night KY took the poo burger to a neighbor’s house where we knew the girls that lived there.   He put it in their refrigerator and wrote the name of one of the girls that lived there on the box.

At the time, Desire was dating one of the girls in the house, so he happened to be there to document what happened next.  The girl whose name was on the box, took it out and brought it to the living room for a snack.  She opened the box, lifted it to her mouth, opened wide, took one sniff and puked right into the box.

The food in college really was shit.