Three is such the perfect amount for an appetizer.  The majority of people who go to restaurants are in groups of three so it only makes sense to serve appetizers in three’s.

From my experience in waiting tables, most of the groups that come into restaurants are three tops. (That’s restaurant lingo.)  Rarely do you see just two people at a table and almost never four.  Four is the white whale of tables.  So, the best number for serving appetizers is quite obviously three, without question.  Thankfully, restaurants have caught on and you see servings of three a bit more often.

When I take a date to Applebee’s and I’m served three wings, it’s simple math.  We each get one wing, then we each gnaw off half the meat on that last wing.  There’s no way I would pay some insane up charge for a fourth wing.  How could I possibly be expected to shovel down two entire wings?  That would just be disgusting.

If you think about it, when they’re making potato skins, they have to cut them in half.  They use half the potato to make the appetizer and the other half is just waste.  They would have to waste another entire potato to get to four skins.  It would be so much easier if they could just cut the potato’s in half and give you four but four is such a random number. 

Who goes to dinner in a number divisible by two?  The only time I can think of, is a Mom and Dad with an only child… and the child brings a friend.  Or maybe they have an aunt that lives with them.  Four just doesn’t happen.

And don’t even get me started with how much I like serving’s of five.