After high school The Donger had a short “rebellion period.  A few months before he headed away to UD, his parents tried to crack the whip, lay down the law, get him in check and some other clichés.  As you would expect… this didn’t go over too well.

At the time the King Dong was dating his future wife and would stay out all hours of the night.  Coming home as the sun came up was not unusual.  After endless nights of staying up worrying, his parents set a midnight curfew.  “If you’re not home by midnight, then just don’t come home at all.”  Hmmmm.  Good luck with that one.

One night after an evening doing some work at a homeless shelter, The Donger came home hammered at 3am.  Someone drove him home and dropped him off.  He went to unlock the front door and to teach him a lesson, his parents had changed all the door locks.  He started ringing the doorbell incessantly and banging on the door.  “Let me in!!!”

His parents lie in bed awake, staring at one another, patiently waiting for him to leave.  “He will get tired and just go back to his girlfriends.  We have to teach him a lesson.  If we open the door now it is pointless.”  Seems logical, unless your son is The Donger.  Then you are the one’s about to be taught a lesson…

After fifteen minutes of banging on the door to no avail, The Donger hatched a plan.  He went to the side of the house, uncoiled the garden hose and turned it to full blast.  He pulled the hose to outside his parents room and started spraying them through the open window while they lie in bed.  “Where did we go wrong?”

His Dad, came down the stairs, opened the front door and socked him in the nose..

(The next part of the story has been told to me in two ways, one by Donger and the other by his father, so the end is a Choose Your Own Aventure.)

Donger’s version: He walked to the garage, casually got into his dad’s car and took the extra key from under the seat.  He thought the garage door was open so he reversed the car to pull out.  The door was NOT open and he bumped the garage door putting a small dent in the door.

His Dad’s version: He bolted to the garage, dove in his dad’s car and took the extra key from under the seat.  He revved the engine a few times and yelled to his Dad to open the garage door.  His Dad didn’t.  He then floored it and drove straight through the garage door.  Peeled out and drove away.

I’ll let you decide the ending you think is true.