Play Freebird!

I went to the Deer Tick show last night at Reggie’s and the guy next to me, wearing a Sublime shirt, had so many song recommendations for the band.  It was nice of him to have such great ideas.  His friend’s must have gotten lost on the way to the show because he seemed like he might have been alone.  For some reason they just never played any of the songs he yelled out though?

Deer Tick are freakin’ rock stars, I’m sure they don’t have time to make a list of all the songs for the set that night.  Someone should consider doing that.  Make a list of songs for that night and tape it to the stage or something.  Like a list, for the set.  Just a thought. 

He seemed to know a lot about the band, because he was talking about them the whole night.  He would talk really loud so we could all hear him and say things like, “They played that song two weeks ago in Austin.”  Interesting stuff.  He must have known the lead singer because he called him by his first name mostly, “John wrote that song when he was at Providence.”

 This guy knew so much about Deer Tick that my friend started calling him “Know It All.”  What a compliment, he did know a lot! 

Thankfully they had this guy in the audience screaming out the same song over and over to remind them.  After every song he would yell, “Play 20 Miles!…… Play 20 Miles!”  Well, I guess they didn’t hear him, because initially they did NOT play 20 Miles.  They finished playing and then went backstage for about five minutes.  Someone behind the stage must have told them that guy wanted to hear 20 Miles, because then they came back out and played it for him.