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The First And Last Duck Face Date

I went to the Black Angels concert at The Metro last night with this chick Duck Face that I work with.  The background is that  on my 3rd day here she got a new puppy and wanted to show me pictures of it.  She gave me her iPhone and “accidentally” showed me a full frontal picture of herself.  Of course I asked her out ON THE SPOT.

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Things I Learned At The Scientology Center

When I first moved to Chicago I lived in the Lakeview neighborhood near the Church of Scientology of Chicago.  I’d walk past it daily and was always intrigued.  Thinking “What the hell is going on in that place,” but I never got the gumption to just say screw it and go in.  One day I was discussing with Fancy how I wanted to go and she instantly took the bait to join me.  We planned our night; dinner, a quick stop into the Scientology Center and then to Schubas to see our friend Nathan Xander’s concert.  Game on…

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My Favorite Things: #8 Yelling Out Requests At Concerts


Play Freebird!

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Pat Brice: Phil Spector Is Too Short For Murder

“Phil Spector Is Too Short For Murder” Audio From Visitor’s Locker Room

Penn State Looks Like A Jolly School To Attend

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Pat Brice: R. Kelly Is MLK

“R. Kelly is MLK” Audio From Visitor’s Locker Room

The Lolla Pop

At work the day after Lollapalooza, I accidentally popped a huge zit in the middle of my back by leaning against the back of my chair  It must have been from the steroids?  I didn’t realize I did it so I had blood all over the back of my white shirt.

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