Pranks wars were a daily game for us at UD.  If we’d spent half the energy on school as we did on finding ways to fuck with people, we may have all graduated.

Once for no real reason other than he is an idiot Charlie dropped a turd into a pickle jar and put it in the back of these girls refrigerator.  We let them know they had been turded but didn’t tell them where the turd was hidden.

A few months later they came to us and said they had found it.
“We found your shit, that was gross.”
“Sorry about that?”
“We were cleaning the fireplace and opened your bag of crap!”
“Fireplace? We put it in a pickle jar.”
“Pickle jar?”
“Ummm, yeah… that wasn’t us. Someone else must have put a shit in your fireplace.”

Donger caught wind that the girls had foiled our plan, so a few months later he followed up with another poo, this time in their Froot Loops box.  I’m not talking a small chihuahua poo, I’m talking a huge fuckin Toblerone candy bar dookie.

They never admitted to finding the log in the Froot-Loops but there is no way they didn’t.  That cereal box must have weighed 8 pounds.

I have since resigned myself to the fact that they secretly retaliated one night and just didn’t tell us.  I am positive I unknowingly ate some tainted laxative ketchup or a poop brownie from our fridge.