For my first bachelor party me and 11 of my buddies went to Hilton Head Island.  We played some golf, hit the strip clubs, drank some beers, told some lies and woke up early for a shark fishing trip…  It ended up being a trip of firsts.

First time I ever caught a shark.
First time I ever held a shark.
First time I screamed like a bitch and threw a shark back in the water.

First time I was ever “sea-sick” and to be fair, by “sea-sick” I mean I was a little hungo and was also “land sick.”

First time anyone ever took a crap in a bucket on the good captain’s boat.

Chip – “Captain, what do you do if you have to take a crap out here? Stick your ass in the water?”
Captain – “These are shark infested waters dumbass. You can’t be sticking your ass in it.”
Chip – “Well, what do you recommend?”
Captain – “Take that plastic bucket over there, take it up to the bow and take a dump in it.”
Chip – “How many people have ever done that?”
Captain – “One… you”
Chip – “Do you have a copy of today’s paper for me to read?”

Only time I will be invited on the good captain’s boat.