Charlie Hustle twice tried to eat 8 pounds of carrots in one day.  His mother went shopping for groceries for our house and what do single college aged guys like to eat… apparently carrots….  pounds and pounds of carrots?  After not opening the bag for 2 months they were going bad and we had to get rid of them somehow.

Other food challenges had been attempted in the past.  The usual suspects… 6 Saltine crackers in a minute, a gallon of milk, 2 pieces of white bread.  We even tried to convince him to eat 50 Whoppers or 50 cheese coneys in a sitting but he wouldn’t try that because it wasn’t “healthy”.  You want healthy Charlie?  What’s healthier than carrots?

Truth is he pretty much didn’t come close to finishing this challenge either time but he will tell you he only had 1-2 carrots left.  Too much Vitamin A must screw with your brain, because here is some of the random shit he spewed that day:

1. I don’t feel good
2. I’m pooping orange
3. My eyes hurt
4. Stop feeding me Felix, I can feed myself
5. I don’t like carrot stuffed carrots
6. Who is that Asian guy?
7. I’m farting orange
8. It’s too healthy
9. Don’t put them in the blender
10. We don’t have enough dip
11. I’m turning orange
12. Smells couldn’t even do this
13. Enough with the honey glaze
14. There is orange coming out of my pores
15. I hate carrot cake
16. Do carrots grow on trees?
17. Carrots cause cancer
18. Vitamin A gives me a headache
19. I need a different challenge

I’ve heard about people trying to eat 57 bottles of Heinz 57 in 1 week.  Challenge proposed Charlie.