I just don’t see how referring to someone as a “future” hall of famer could possibly jinx their career?  If someone has even a decent career we should call him a “future hall of famer,” it’s just a nice way to thank them for trying so hard.  It really isn’t fair that everyone can’t be in the Hall Of Fame.  If they can’t be in their actual Hall Of Fame, maybe we should open a Hall Of Very Good or a Hall Of He Tried Real Hard?

Sports announcers know everything about sports or they wouldn’t have their jobs, so they must know something that we don’t.  One thing I find kind of odd, is why don’t they refer to guys like Tom Brady, Derek Jeter and Kobe Bryant as future hall of  famers?  Should we just assume they will make it?  I don’t think I ever once heard Dan Marino referred to as a future hall of famer and that just doesn’t seem fair?  They do however always use the term when referring to superstar LOCKS like Ed Reed, Chipper Jones, Chauncey Billups and Mark Buehrle.  I’m sure the announcers don’t have an agenda.

One thing I don’t really understand is that it seems like only 4-5 players get into their respective Hall’s each year.  Yet, when I watch football on Sunday I hear the names of about 50 future hall of famers?  What happens to all of those guys?

Added October 2