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Special Sauce

I signed up for the Army right after high school but my reporting date wasn’t until November so I had a few months to kill.  I got a few jobs to make some quick loot and because my dad wouldn’t let me just dick around the house all day riding my skateboard.

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Chipslist – Sexy Scale

More Craigslist bait… Here I’m trying to sell a scale to a “skinny chick.” 

To be 100% clear on these posts…  I’m joking on these exchanges.  It is PURELY for comedys sake.  I don’t think 100 pounds is fat.  110 pounds is obviously fat.     

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Pat Brice: The Rest Of The World Is Right

Soccer is amazing. I have always been one of the typical American nay-sayers, but no longer my friends. I am hoooooked. Can’t get me enough futbol. Did you guys catch that World Cup? Oh my. That soccer is one mesmerizing, inspiring, absurd little sport.

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If you aren’t liking Chipwrecks on Facebook and Twitter you are extremely uncool.

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Pat Brice: Charity Drinking Events

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2011 NBA Champion Intro Video! – All Of The Lights

Check out the Miami Heat’s game introduction video.  After beating Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks for the first of their seven NBA titles, they absolutely should have this flashy video. 

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Happy Hump Day