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Happy Hump Day

ChipWrecked: Instant Classic – In Theaters December 16


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Flooding With Love For The Kid Trailer


I didn’t think clones could reproduce.   Choking hazard?  Small parts? Is this really appropriate for children under 18?

the lower case a-team

1.       Murdoch’s jacket is huge.
2.       Mr. T is really a white midget painted black.
3.       All of their short, little, stubby legs.
4.       Hannibal’s “Isn’t this a great group” shit eating grin.
5.       As best I can tell… Face is Asian.

Props to Yogi for submitting

Albanian Music Sensation Blowing Your Mind!

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Dance Yrself Clean

I straight up love this dude.  However, no one is cooler than the kid sitting on the floor that just can’t be bothered.  “Yeah Gramps, you keep on cutting a rug.  I just don’t have time for that shit right now.  I’m busy here playing with this stuffed dog.”

At the next wedding I go to, If I don’t see someone bust out the move he does at the :06 second mark, I’m going to be beyond disappointed.