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How Little Can You Pee Your Pants?

The origins of this game are believed to date back to the Samurai.

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Death Pool Update – Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Way to kick this thing off right!  Heaven got a little smarter yesterday… and my squad took a 44 point lead.

This is video of me in my living room last night when I heard the news.    VIDEO

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Death Pool – 2011-12 Draft Results

This is the 4th year of the Celebrity Death Pool conducted with my friends. The “season” runs until July 4, 2012.

Past champions:
2010-11: Smells
2009-10: F Jimmy
2008-09: Felix Ackman 

1. Subtract the person’s age from 100 when they die.  Ex: 100 – 74 years old = 24 Points
2. They must have a Wikipedia page. (You can’t pick your aunt Tess)
3. They must be human.
4. They can’t be on death row at the time of the draft.
5. At the end of one year the winner receives a $20 nonsense gift from each person in the league.

I’ll keep this updated as some of these people hopefully start to kick the bucket.

Results from this years draft are below:

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