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My Favorite Things: #9 Nic Cage

Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage, a true master of the arts.  Thank Zeus’s BUTTHOLE that he beat Sean Penn for Dead Man Walking to win his Academy Award.  That would have been more disgusting than the classic Shakespeare in Love beating that piece of shit arthouse flick Saving Private Ryan

When this dude is in a movie I don’t walk to see him, I light myself on fire and run like a wild maniac to see him.  Guy can eat a peach for hours.

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The Kid Rock Midget

My passion for the Kid Rock country rap genre has never been disputed. (sarcasm) So in 2009 I went to the HullabaLOU Music Festival, at Churchill Downs, in Louisville, with the KY Gentleman and his Wifey who was 4 months pregnant. The concert went as expected; the American Bad Ass literally rocked our asses off our bodies.

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ChipWrecked: Instant Classic – In Theaters December 16


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Pat Brice: Morgan Freeman For President

Flooding With Love For The Kid Trailer

Pat Brice: Rent Or Own

Pat Brice: Worst Guy Ever

We’ve got to do something about this guy. I initially didn’t know how bad it was, but this is getting serious. If we don’t take a stand right now, this son of a bitch just might have the nerve to release Clerks III.

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I didn’t think clones could reproduce.   Choking hazard?  Small parts? Is this really appropriate for children under 18?