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The Lovely Ladies Of Internet Dating

These are actual pictures taken from a dating website I’m on.  There’s about a million different things that girls post that drives me mental.  It’s not exclusive to these specific girls below.  These are generalizations… so don’t go feeling all bad for them.  I assure you, there is plenty more crazy where this came from.

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Survivor Recap: 4/11 Go Out With A Bang

I started off this week with no plan on where I was going to go with this recap.  I was a teenaged girl lost in the forest, hunting squirrels and being chased by tracker jackers and fireballs.  Then I spoke to my drunk friend, Haymitch, and together we devised a plan.  A  plan on how to decide who would be this week’s cover girl.  We put all the ladies names into a jar and drew out Chialicia’s name.  Then out of nowhere, Kitty Kat came forward and shouted “I offer myself up!  I volunteer as this weeks cover girl tribute!”  So, Kitty Kat, the odds are ever in your favor.  Happy Survivor recap!

How does one get that buff around their body?  I have one and I can barely get it around my thick skull.  Not to mention…  Anyways.

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Chipslist – The Kleenex Box

This lady was selling a box of K’Nex for $12 on Craigslist.  To be honest I had no idea what K’Nex were when I e-mailed her the first time.  They are a kids toy that is kinda like Lincoln Logs.  So, like Barry Sanders, I saw an opening and I took it.

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Survivor Recap: 4/4 Just Annihilate Them

It was recently pointed out to me that this site has become the “Chelsea Meissner” homepage and I may want to mix it up.  To that man I say “Go to hell!!!”  Just kidding…  I 90% agree, it was getting out of control.  (Although Chelsea darling, if you are reading this, I promise it’s just a lie that I’m telling to appease the masses.  It’s like the bartender who wont admit she has a boyfriend so she’ll get better tips.  I got to make “the people” happy.)

So, my real girlfriend Christina Cha Cha Cha gets the headline picture this week… as promised… and DAMN does she deserve it!  Look at those legs, those abs, that smile, those eyes and those ummmm…

Either way, Chipwrecks has definitely gotten out of control with Survivor lately.  I have been insane busy  (also just insane) and haven’t had time to write much else.  But I promise I will soon.  Thanks for staying a fan!

Anyways, heres Survivor 4/4.  Love the title this week from CBS.  Just Annihilate Them!  Let us learn and let us do.

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Chipslist – The Long Driver

Craigslist bait… Selling a golf club to some guy.

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The Flip Side

John Jefferson Wayne

Spring break junior year of college we decided to go to my parents lake house in Texas.  A pretty ridiculous crew of ten guys, including me, Hustle, Felix, Desire, KY and The Donger hopped in our cars and drove from Dayton to Lake Conroe, outside Houston.


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