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Pat Brice: Ron Santo Hall Of Fame Phone Call

“Ron Santo Hall Of Fame Call” Audio From Visitor’s Locker Room

Pat Brice: Cory Lidle Crashes Airplane

“Cory Lidle Crashes Airplane” Audio From Visitor’s Locker Room


After college I did the backpack around Europe by myself thing.  Which essentially turned into the get blasted and stumble around Europe by myself thing.  I made a brief stop to my birthplace (near my birthplace) of Munich, Germany to check out the beer halls and chug some Bitburger.

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My Favorite Things: #2 Referring To Someone As A “Future Hall Of Famer”

I just don’t see how referring to someone as a “future” hall of famer could possibly jinx their career?  If someone has even a decent career we should call him a “future hall of famer,” it’s just a nice way to thank them for trying so hard.  It really isn’t fair that everyone can’t be in the Hall Of Fame.  If they can’t be in their actual Hall Of Fame, maybe we should open a Hall Of Very Good or a Hall Of He Tried Real Hard?

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